The Federico Zeri Foundation online catalogue is an integrated set of databases describing the materials in its collections: photos, documents and auction catalogues. It comprises over 170,000 photo factsheets and 100,000 artwork factsheets, and the size is steadily growing. Some 500,000 accesses are recorded every year.

Over the years the cataloguing software has been developed and extended. New modules have been added to describe documents attached to photos and auction catalogues, to refine the subject headings for still life photos, and to describe the various photograph sets that have found their way to the Foundation.

Information regarding photos is yellow-labelled, that on hard-copy documents has red labels, green for auction catalogue data and blue for artwork information. An easily inferred link system helps one shift from one kind of file to another at any time.

Since 2017 the databank has incorporated files deriving from the cataloguing of new photo collections besides Zeri’s: the Tumidei, Fahy and Supino photo archives. 
Each document, in photo or hard-copy form, is described in its own right within its own collection. All information and catalogue descriptions on the same subject converge into a single artwork file that can be constantly updated by information from the various sources, whether photos or documents, used in studying that subject.

In the course of 2020 the databanks will benefit from the Explore the collections module which will enable scholars to consult and enhance other photo collections that have come to form part of the Foundation resource.