This is an editorial series of small volumes created by the Federico Zeri Foundation to publish novel research on the history of art and the proceedings of courses, seminars and study days held by the Foundation.
One of the objects of the Federico Zeri Foundation is to promote art history research and preserve the legacy Zeri bequeathed to Bologna University.
Using the ‘call for papers' formula, the Foundation has for some years reserved a page on its website for short contributions by students, researchers and scholars who wish to present the results of their research on the Foundation collections (library, photo archive, archive).
As of 2015 the Foundation has decided to offer scholars another opening for publishing their work in the form of a series of printed notebooks entitled Nuovi diari di lavoro. The series is designed as a tribute to Federico Zeri's own Diari di lavoro published in 1971 and 1976. His novel minimalist formula made a big impact at the time: the style was anti-literary, the relationship with the artwork direct and immediate.
The same spirit underlies this notebook series which will collect the original fruits of research into materials from the Zeri Photo Archive and Library as well as the proceedings of courses, seminars and study days held by the Foundation.
The volumes are published with the contribution of the ASSOCIAZIONE ANTIQUARI D'ITALIA.

Participation procedure
Scholars who are interested are invited to submit their proposals to the Foundation, which reserves the right to assess the contents and, if necessary, bring texts into line with its own editing criteria.
They may send:
- a text in Italian or English in .doc or .rtf format, adhering to the attached editorial guidelines
- the inventory number of images or the shelf coordinates of volumes kept at the Zeri Foundation
- a short author's CV.