Academic Year 2017/2018


Cataloguing photograph and book material

Thanks to liaison between the Federico Zeri Foundation and the Bologna University Masters Degree Programme in Visual Arts, a specific curricular training and research internship has been activated.

The Federico Zeri Foundation was set up by Bologna University in 1999 as a research and specialist training centre for art history; its brief was to conserve and enhance Zeri’s legacy: the art library (46,000 volumes, 37,000 auction catalogues) and Photo Archive (290,000 photos of artworks).

The internship is open to students of the Masters Degree Programme in Visual Arts, who will be studying, sorting and handling the new photograph and book acquisitions of the Federico Zeri Foundation.

Under this internship scheme, the Foundation can host two students for the period March-June 2018.
The time commitment is 24 hours/week.  
During the internship  40 hours of special training  will be provided by the Foundation staff.

Applications, complete with CV and list of exams passed, must be made between 16 October and 1 December 2017 using the University internship mechanism (offer n. 290993):

If oversubscribed, applicants will be selected according to curriculum and motivation as revealed by an interview. Candidates will be informed of their interview date at the close of the applications period.

For further information: