The Photo Archive and the Archive can be visited by appointment, Monday to Friday.
Requests can be sent to specifying:

  • if regarding theses, subject of research and thesis tutor
  • materials scholar would like to consult
  • preferred days of appointment

Photographs and archival documents not yet catalogued are not available to the public, barring authorized exceptions made by the Director of the Federico Zeri Foundation.

Photograph reproductions

In order to reproduce book materials scholars can, with authorization, use their own digital camera.
Photographic materials and documents are reproduced, upon request, by the Foundation's photographic laboratory.
The Federico Zeri Foundation allows for reproduction of photographic material only if:

  • it is possible to ascertain that there are no active rights upon the photograph.
  • for photographs documenting works held in museums or churches, the requester must obtain a release note for their reproduction from the owning institution

Requests for reproductions can be made by filling out and sending in the appropriate form to the Federico Zeri Foundation via email to: .
Please indicate the photograph's inventory number, which can be found in the photo entry.


Photocopying of library materials

Photocopying is possible only within the library, and visitors must abide by current copyright legislation.

Other Available Services

Access to net resources, assistance in consulting computer catalogs, CD-Rom repertories, electronic magazines.