The Zeri Library has partly opened to the public for consultation of books and the photo archive. The following rules apply: 

  • Opening days:  from Monday to Friday
  • Opening hours: from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Access: only 16 reading stations allowed, no appointment required
  • Reservation of books is not necessary
  • For consultation of the Photo Archive please write to

Acces rules

Those coming into the library must observe the Safety Protocol to combat and contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

It is expressly forbidden to enter the library in the following cases:

a) if one is positive for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID+);

b) if the health authorities reopen quarantine;

c) if one has a temperature (over 37.5 °C);

d) if one has other flu symptoms;

e) if during the previous 14 days one has wittingly had contact with persons positive to the virus.

The proper mask must be worn (not supplied by the library).

The library will provide sterilising gel.

The routes from the entrance to the information desk will be clearly marked.

Upon arrival, users are required to sanitize their workstations with the products made available by the library.

One may bring in small bags and backpacks, which must be deposited where the staff indicate (lockers may not be used).


How to use the library

The reading room is restricted to 16 places, duly separated.

One helps oneself to books on open shelving, and leaves them on the special trolley after use.

Volumes from restricted sections may be asked for upon arrival.

Photographic material must be left on the table where one has consulted it. 

  • ICT stations: reading room ICT stations may be used, but hands must first be sterilised.
  • Reproduction: use of the photocopier/scanner is not allowed, but with one’s own means one may copy up to 15% of any volumes consulted.