In 2013, the collector, antiquarian and expert in waxworks, Andrea Daninos, has given the Zeri Photo Archive a collection of 1,870 photographs featuring works of painting, sculpture, decorative arts. Of particular interest among these is a core collection devoted to fakes, a subject dear to the heart of Federico Zeri as his photo archive and library attest.
The Daninos collection comes from the Florentine gallery of antiquarian Luigi Albrighi (Milan, 1896 - Florence, 1979), a Milanese lawyer who became an art merchant after the First World War. Albrighi had a particular interest in medieval art and the early Renaissance; he practised in Florence together with Paola Ventura - daughter of antiquarian Eugenio Ventura (1887-1948) - via whom the photographs passed to Daninos.
They are largely black-and-white positives: gelatine silver prints and albumin prints.
Most of the photographs date back to the first half of the twentieth century. They are partly by well-known firms such as Alinari, Brogi, Anderson and Vasari, and partly by photographers working in Milan (Mario Catagneri, Gianni Mari, Mario Perotti, Emilio Sommariva), Florence (Ivo Bazzecchi) and Rome (Cosimo Boccardi).
At present, the photographs are being inventoried and are not yet available for consultation.