In 2014 the Sienese photographer Ferruccio Malandrini made a donation to the Zeri Photo Archive of over 10,000 historical photographs from his collection showing works of painting, sculpture and architecture. Part of the Malandrini collection went to the Florentine collection of Fratelli Alinari and part to the Sienese Monte dei Paschi Foundation.

These photos are largely gelatin, albumin and carbon prints dating from 1890 to 1930 and made by well-known firms such as Alinari, Brogi and Compagnia Rotografica. Part of the collection consists of a considerable number of large-format photographs.

As well as numerous images of Renaissance painting and sculpture which often integrate works by these major photograph studios already in the Zeri Archive, the collection comprises photos of drawings, panoramas, indoor views and architecture.

The Malandrini collection is currently being reorganized and inventoried. A preliminary version of the scheda Fondo Fotografico (FF) has been made and will be continuously updated to provide a detailed description of the archive.