The Foundation photo archive is constantly growing as scholars, collectors and photographers make new donations of archives and collections. Such collections vary in their form, but all provide documentation of an art heritage.

The Federico Zeri Foundation is attracting more and more donations of art history photo collections.
Over the years it has received archives from many scholars (Everett Fahy, Anna Ottani Cavina, Robert Gibbs, Alberto Protopapa, Stefano Tumidei, Luisa Vertova, Julian Kliemann), photographers (Mario Berardi, Arrigo Coppitz), antiquarians (Chaucer Fine Arts, Luigi Albrighi) and collectors (Ferruccio Malandrini, Ruth Jones) who wished to make over their possessions to our institute.

Such materials extend and integrate the documentation from Federico Zeri’s photo archive, and form an important resource for researchers into art history and the history of photography
To make these resources available on line, a tool called EXPLORE THE COLLECTIONS has been created, covering all the photo collections, including series or folders that have not yet been catalogued.